27 Jan 2011

Work featured in WALL ART -new book by Dopress!

More info:
Wall Art: Wall Paper, Decoration, Painting, Dopress
190 x 260 mm, 256 pages, English Edition

"As an important part of interior and exterior design, a focus in a space sometimes, wall designing can tell our tastes, interests and character. No matter what style you fancy, how you design the walls expresses something exciting that has inspired you. In this book, all the works featured are selected from 50 talented design teams worldwide. The cutting-edge designs include various wall paintings, wallpapers, wall stickers, wall coverings and wall decorations, etc. This book is an invaluable resource of inspiration for professional designers, artists as well as design enthusiasts."

For more info or to order the book as soon as it´s released go to: http://www.dopress.com/DopressBooks.html

Press in Laminate UK

Representation in Laminate 02 -Creative Output, following the Celeste Art Prize exhibition in NYC Dec 2010